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Cnet's circular loss

I love Brand New, at the time of writing it’s one of only two blogs to make my blogroll - along side that of my colleague Carl Knibbs and I see him five days of the week so there was no saying no.

Still, to get to the point of this post…this logo rebranding leapt out of the pages of said Brand New blog primarily for the sad loss of the unique elements that made the old version what it was…

The new typeface is rather unattractive and the new shadowed ball immediately gets me thinking of the first Flash application anyone evers make, the bouncing ball, drawn with one click with the circle tool - I almost want to click the edge and discover that the stroke isn’t connected to the fill, just for old times’ sake.

But then again, if you want your established status to stand out from the crowd of upstart Web 2.0 companies, apparently a red circle leaves you looking pretty unique.

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