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dConstruct 2007

So dConstruct 2007 proved a good Friday day (and night) by the sea. User experience was the order of the day with no code (as far as I can remember) on display at all. It was a happy absence IMO - I find it easier to take in more conceptual talk than coding practices at conferences

Interesting things I need to investigate that I picked up from presentations and pub chats:

Plus countless other tidbits of inspiration and book list ideas.

Was also particularly pleased to see discussed at a serious web conference - the attitude to community at B3ta always seems to have been ahead of its time so kudos for recognising this to the organisers. Was good to meet Denise after although I’d had a drink or three so I’m not sure I made sense - save for spouting about how much I appreciated B3ta.

Ah, just found a great summary of proceedings - these look like the notes I should have taken:

Thanks everyone!

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