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How To Neglect Blogging And Disappoint People

Hello there.

Observant regular readers of this blog will note that my last blog post was over a year ago. I wrote optimistically about books I was intending to read that cold January of 2011. Then the blog went quiet. Of course, once you allow the blogger’s block to get to you it’s tough to shake; as the gap in posts widen so too wanes your ability to conjure any worthwhile words.

I remember well how I felt about blogging in January 2011. I’d long before transferred most of my opinions to tweets - tweeting links, summarising more complex ideas into 140 characters and generally neglecting this blog. When time is tight, it’s easier to tweet a link with no context than add your thoughts - in short, you contribute little but the amplification of the importance of another destination.

In many ways I’ve never had the discipline for regular blogging - will February 2012 change that? Let’s see.

To accompany this resumption and by way of an ice-breaker, here’s three web things that have caught my eye recently:

  • Goodreads: I joined this book cataloguing and community site months ago in order to satisfy my need for organising and tagging things. They’ve just launched a slick Facebook Timeline app which quietly adds your reading activity straight into your Timeline page - sweet, sweet data.
  • Pinterest: For designers and fans of the aesthetic, Pinterest certainly hosts some inspiring curated boards of visuals. There’s also some comment inanity that challenges even Youtube for it’s pointlessness. You’ll rapidly identify the two. Want an invitation? I have a few.
  • FontFabric: An independent type foundry from Sofia in Bulgaria, FontFabric craft striking typefaces and think nothing of distributing many of them free of charge. Have a look.

Well, the blogger’s block has been overcome - now, you could contribute to a further reduction in the regularity of blog posts here by joining the roster of clients of my design company, Rarebright Design? Get in touch if you’re interested.

(I know you’ve all been waiting to here how I got on with my January reading list. Well, I scored a solid 5 out of 6. I never made it through How To Make Friends & Influence People - read into that what you will. Oryx & Crake meanwhile is now one of my favourite works of the post-apocalyptic, speculative fiction sub genre. So there.)

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