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Today will be my last day at

It’s nearly five years since a far younger version of myself joined The Motley Fool as web designer #3. Over a most enjoyable tenure I’ve seen the transition to a new company and brand, countless feature releases and five editions of FIFA on three different games consoles. My proudest achievements throughout that time have been the extensive Fool realignment in 2008, designing the logo and developing the brand for (and in the process giving life - but not the animation - to a weird little creature called Odo) and working in the three-person team that conceived and launched the innovative Online Banking service. Not too shabby.

As of Monday I begin a new era as company director but most importantly designer-for-hire of my own company, Rarebright Design. What’s in a name? Nothing too deep – but it sounds nice. So with that, I’m now available for web design and branding projects/contracts. The first job on my to-do list is to build the Rarebright website and get my portfolio up-to-date, not to mention covering off all the other details that a new venture requires. But do please drop me an email if you think I could help with your web project.

So, an economic downturn, good time to start a new business? If you believe Paul Graham’s take on new ventures…

…the time to act is always now.

Even with some license around the context, I’m happy with that logic. Here’s to the next five years.

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